Illuminating the Digital Technologies curriculum

Professional Learning for Teachers

Our goal is to empower teachers with Digital Technologies teaching strategies that will rapidly instil confidence and competence.

We can provide as much or as little assistance as required. From those with little to no practical experience, to those who would like to further develop and extend their current skills, we design programs to meet a range of needs.
By presenting fundamental concepts in a logical and sequential manner, things should really start to fall into place quickly.
The Digital Technologies curriculum will be explained, with implications and requirements discussed.
A range of associated practical activities will then be demonstrated, before participants engage in these activities to gain first-hand experience.
The underlying Coding principles for each activity will be clearly explained and follow up tasks will be provided.
Today, a range of colourful block code programs are designed to engage and fast-track the coding learning process.
They provide an easy platform for the novice to experiment with code and build their understanding of the program functionality, through repetition.
However, we need to be careful that students don’t just gain proficiency in the use of the program, but rather gain proficiency in coding, as a transferable skill.
Rather than jumping straight into block code, we’ll share some simple kinaesthetic activities that cover key coding principles, while directly addressing the Digital Technologies curriculum and other areas of the general curriculum.
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