Make a difference next holiday period

Holiday Workshops in Coding, Electronics & Robotics

codingEdge provides Digital Technologies Workshops in Electronics, Coding and Robotics, for those interested in really understanding the technologies that make up our digital world.

Participants can become skilled in the theory and techniques required to create, or even just become experienced with the technologies of the future.

In a world where Digital Technologies continue to develop at an astounding rate, these will be the key skills required to gain the technical advantage in the future.

From the participant’s perspective though, it’s just an opportunity to have fun and play with a wide range of technologies. In such an environment, the learning of skills is often subliminal.

Find out just how exciting learning can be, through our range of unique, themed workshops.
codingEdge has a flexible approach to learning and we are attentive to individual needs and abilities during our workshops.

We have our regulars who return each holiday period. Many have now acquired advanced technical skills and knowledge. The significant development in their levels of competency after multiple workshops is quite obvious.

For all current workshop event information, or to express interest in attending a workshop in your area, please contact us at

Participants’ feedback:

  • “The robotics workshop was fun. I loved it! We did coding as well as lots of art and crafty stuff.”
    Belle age 8

  • “The teachers who run it are lovely and friendly. I learnt a lot of new things like how batteries work.”
    Amelia age 9

  • “We got to make games and stuff, I got to make my own computer game as well. We played a soccer game with robots which was awesome!”
    Ruby age 11

  • “This was an amazing experience. I thought I didn’t know anything about coding…I definitely do now!”
    Elise age 10

  • “Overall it was great fun and I wish it never ended!!! Thanks Glyn and Pete! I would love to come to more”
    Hamish age 8

  • How can we make this better? “Have more time in the great day!”
    Ben age 7

Parents’ feedback:

  • “The programme of activities and the people who ran the course were excellent – my son was so buzzed (and exhausted!) when I picked him up.”

  • “The staff were terrific at engaging with and including both my sons upon arrival, who attended alone and on separate days.”

  • “The ultimate beneficiaries of this coding camp were my two children, and both raved about the coding instructors and what they did.”

  • “I thought everyone was very welcoming and professional. The girls loved it so that’s all that really matters.”

  • “My daughter loved it. It would be great to see this become a regular feature of the MU holiday offerings.”