About codingEdge Technology

Educational development in Digital Technologies – Electronics, Coding and Robotics
At codingEdge Technology, we have a real passion for code-based technologies and for digital literacy education. We love the power and versatility of code. It can be used to run games, to manage computers or to control robots (one of our favourite activities!). In fact, most of today’s technologies depend on code to run.

Robotics is currently one of the most progressive and captivating elements of digital technology. As such, we find robots to be ideal teaching aids for our school programs and workshops (including the adults’ workshops – why should the kids have all the fun?) Our intention is to teach coding for a purpose and provide the full technology perspective.

Robots are composed of electronics, so we teach the electronics. Robots run on code, so we teach coding. Once we get to the robots, a fuller understanding prevails. We don’t just restrict our coding to robots though. That versatility of code, extends to our games and application programming, which can include interactive stories, digital art, musical animations and extend to virtually any field of interest.

In keeping with the versatility theme, our aim is not just to teach the use of a specific coding language, but rather to teach the underlying coding concepts. By introducing standard coding principles, we not only provide a greater understanding of what the code is doing, but this also makes these coding skills transferable.

codingEdge Technology Mission Statement

Australia continues to be a leading consumer of digital technologies. As a nation, we invest in technology research and development and have already made some remarkable technical advances in many areas, including medicine, astronomy, communications, solar electricity, robotics and computing.

Our location, far from the influences of trending hubs in the US and Europe, provides an ideal environment for unencumbered originality!

Together with a generation of well educated and motivated individuals, we can be a dominant force. We firmly believe that Australia will not just be able to compete, but can become a global leader in Science and Technology development.

Even from the domestic perspective, technology development could potentially fill the void left by our flailing manufacturing industry. If we instil in our children a passion and respect for technology and then empower them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we will have placed ourselves in a commanding and secure position.
The codingEdge Technology goals are to make people excited about technology and future possibilities, to assist in the development of their skills and encourage a lifetime of learning in this area. Ambitions may be to fulfil a casual interest, through to the pursuit of a tertiary qualification and associated career.

Education is the difference between being able to make a valuable contribution in the future or just going along for the ride! Our commitment is to make Electronics, Coding and Robotics appealing to all learners, in order to create a natural balance of Australian talent into the future.

The codingEdge Technology pledge is that regardless of time constraints, job complexity, or any other adverse factor, we will not compromise our philosophical principles of Creativity, Quality and Validity.

Important note:

There is often a misconception that the path of learning to code inevitably leads to a career in programming.
There are so many other benefits that extend to almost all aspects of life. Writing code teaches analytical and critical thinking. The author takes a problem, breaks it down into smaller components, decides how best to solve each component, implements, tests and reconfigures, then adjusts and refines along the way, until a working solution results. This is often merely the ‘current’ solution however!
Versatility is one of the many attributes of coding, so a coded program can be amended or refined to rectify problems or suit changes in future requirements. This whole process involves transferable skills including analytical, critical, computational and conceptual thinking, troubleshooting, persistence, imagination and creativity, which develop each time the brain encounters a new problem.
For the discerning individual, these are vital life skills, regardless of career aspirations.