codingEdge Technology Privacy Policy

  1. codingEdge Technology complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and where relevant, the National Privacy Principles.
  2. We will protect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals by ensuring that all records and information about individual children, families, staff and management are kept in a secure place.
  3. We collect and use your information to:
      1. Enrol your child/ren in our programs
      2. Ensure the safety of your child/ren in our programs
      3. Calculate and distribute your accounts
      4. Send you information about our programs, services and products
    General Procedure
    1. Your information including: enrolment forms, attendance sheets, attendance amendments, payment sheets, medical certificates and other relevant information will be kept at the codingEdge Technology Head office and at the program venue your child attends
    2. This information will only be accessed by, or disclosed to, those people who need the information to fulfil their responsibilities at the program or have a legal right to know
    3. Enrolment information collected online, by post or in person will be stored in a secure manner, either physically or by utilising a range of electronic security measures
    4. codingEdge Technology will adopt the following principles for handling personal information based on the Privacy Act (1988) Commonwealth:
      1. Collection of information will be lawful and fair
      2. People will be told why information is collected
      3. People will have access to their own records
      4. Use of personal information will be relevant.